Article Marketing – How To Better Understand Writing and Marketing Articles

Article marketing tips and ‘secrets’ abound on the net, with every so-called ‘expert’ offering advice that will turn you into an overnight whizz.

Sure, you need some “know-how” to get you going. But in reality the only way you’re going to get really good at article writing is through practice – writing lots of articles! And then trying out different ways of marketing them.

In this introductory article we’ll look at a few keys that you can apply while you’re practising to help you write better articles and understand where to market them.

Write in an easy, relaxed, and conversational way

We’ve all seen those articles that are so hard to read that you just give up. All because the authors used words and grammar that were just too complicated.

Do your readers a favour and stick to the K.I.S.S. formula (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

Imagine you’re chatting with someone in a familiar setting, like your lounge room. You’d use simple words and phrases, and communicate with them in an informal, relaxed way, wouldn’t you?

If you’re explaining something they’re also likely to ask you questions as well.

So when you’re writing try to anticipate the questions your readers might ask. Then answer these questions well and you’ll have their undivided attention.

And they’re likely to get much more out of reading your article.

Also remember to keep your sentences short and to the point.

Know what the purpose of your article is

You must be clear on this: your first priority in writing articles is to provide your readers with content that is both informative and useful to them. As the saying goes, content is king.

Remember, your reader is always interested in WIIFM – What’s In It For Me.

So you’re NOT trying to sell them something upfront- although this is quite possible if you first give them what they want.

Your opportunity to expose them to your sales message comes when the reader clicks on a link in your article. Make sure they end up on your web/squeeze page or blog by adding these links to your article.

How to market your article

Once it’s written, there are 2 basic things you can do with your article.

1. You can submit it to article directories.

Article directories are the perfect place to establish yourself as an authority on your subject.

Once you have published a number of quality, content-rich articles you will gain a reputation as an expert. This means your articles will be read by more people than someone who contributes only sporadically.

Remember that potential readers will often access articles via a Google search. So it is crucial that you use relevant, well-chosen keywords to attract them to your article. Make these part of your article’s title and include them in the opening paragraph as well.

Don’t overuse your keywords. Aim for a density of 2% to 3%, i.e. if an article is 500 words in length then 10 to 15 keywords would be ideal.

2. You can submit it to popular blog sites.

You’ll find there are many of these that cater for every market niche you can think of.

Because the blog itself will already be attracting targeted traffic, the choice of keywords is not quite as important here. (More on this later.)

There are numerous ways to market articles that may be explored in future articles.

In this article I’ve just touched on a few useful but sometimes neglected concepts.

Ed Dupreez is an internet marketer who is committed to helping aspiring netpreneurs develop their knowledge and understanding of the many available tools that they can use to promote their online businesses.

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